A dog-bite lawyer in Seattle says she filed a claim of wrongful death against the Mariners this week after a dog’s bite was blamed on a man who she says refused to follow her instructions on how to treat her dog.

A dog bite victim named Melissa R. said she was in the midst of a custody battle with her husband when a neighbor, a man named Steve Barnes, showed up at their door and refused to let her into the home, claiming that Barnes would not leave without paying the $3,500 in pet surcharges.

Barnes has a history of dog bites, and Melissa R.’s husband, Steven Barnes Sr., told her he was not the one who had bitten her dog, Melissa R., according to Melissa R.-Lawyer, Melissa’s attorney.

When Melissa R, who had been in a dog bite dispute with Barnes for years, asked Barnes to stop, Barnes responded that he would not let her leave unless she paid the pet surcharge.

When Melissa R told Barnes that she would not, Barns refused, Melissa said.

Melissa R said that Barnis then grabbed the dog by the collar and dragged it to a nearby parking lot, which was blocked by a truck, where Barnes then bit Melissa R’s dog.

Barnets dogs bite lawsuit Melissa R has filed suit against Barnes in Seattle after she was allegedly bitten by a man in August of 2017.

Melissa said that in the aftermath of the incident, Barnets attorneys asked her to pay Barnes’s pet surcharged fees for the dog’s injuries.

Melissa filed the suit Thursday, claiming Barnets actions were wrongful and negligent.

Melissa R. is a mother of two children, a 6-year-old boy and a 5-year old girl.

Barnets attorney did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment.

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