An Israeli lawyer is suing Facebook after she received death threats over comments she made on the social network.

Shira Fouda is a lawyer who specializes in disability issues and is also the author of the book, The Secret Lives of the Disabled: A Guide to Living with the Disabilities of Your Body.

Foudam filed the lawsuit against Facebook on Monday, claiming that it violates the rights of disabled people to free speech and association and infringes upon their privacy.

“It is outrageous that a website which claims to be ‘for everyone’ and which supposedly encourages free speech should also allow a person who has a disability to be the one who chooses whether or not to publish content,” the lawsuit says.

“Facebook is the only social network which is so heavily censored and which is unable to provide a safe and secure platform for disabled users.”

Foudam’s comments were published on March 1, a day after Facebook announced that it was launching an “end to hate” initiative.

According to Facebook’s announcement, the “End to Hate” program aims to combat the hate and harassment that is so common on the platform.

The post she wrote was about the possibility of disability people gaining access to the platform after the introduction of the new policy, which would enable people with disabilities to post content and communicate with others.

Facebook’s policy is aimed at people with physical or mental disabilities, and has a number of other measures to help people with disability get on Facebook.

According to Foudaras lawyer, Facebook violated Foudahs rights by making it impossible for her to post on the company’s platform.

“If the content published by the Israeli attorney in question had been a personal message by the attorney, it would have been published by an individual who had not been connected to the lawyer and whose privacy had not become an issue,” the lawyer said.

“The lawyer’s words did not even fall within Facebook’s rules for private messages.”

Facebook has been criticized for its policies, especially for allowing people to post “hate speech” on the site.

Facebook does not specify if it allows people with a disability access to content or content which violates its policies.

Facebook has said that it will look into the matter and has not commented on the suit.

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