LONDON — The London lawyer who has helped hundreds of immigrants get back on their feet after they lost their jobs in the recession is facing criticism from fellow immigrants who say his work has made them more vulnerable.

Richard Jewell is one of a number of immigration lawyers in London and other parts of the country who have seen an increase in the number of clients from immigrants, mainly from Mexico and Central America.

Immigration lawyer Rich Jewell, right, sits next to the window of his office in the South Kensington district of London, Britain, July 21, 2021.

Jewell’s work has helped thousands of immigrants and their families.

In the last three months alone, he’s helped about 300 clients get back into work.

But many feel like he has lost touch with them and that he’s treating them like criminals.

“It’s frustrating,” said a British immigrant in her 20s, who asked not to be identified because she fears deportation.

“I’m not able to see my family anymore.

I don’t know how I can get a job.”

Jewell has worked in the London area for nearly 40 years.

He said that when the recession hit, many immigrants and some people in their families could no longer find work.

In response to criticism, he said the rise in the numbers has not been a coincidence.

“There’s no magic bullet,” Jewell said.

“This is just the way it is.”

It is not just immigrants who have been hurt.

Last month, Immigration Minister David Hanson wrote to Immigration Minister Diane Abbott seeking permission to use funds from the National Housing Fund to help migrants who are currently living in temporary accommodation to get back onto their feet.

A letter from Hanson’s office also said the government is “deeply concerned” about “significant increases in the proportion of people in temporary protection visa (TPS) status who are non-EU citizens, as well as recent increases in non-citizen applications.”

The increase in noncitizen asylum seekers in England has been linked to the surge in migrant arrivals from Central America and the Middle East.

The increase has also been linked in some cases to changes in immigration laws in the U.K.

The immigration minister said it was important for the government to ensure it “was not taking away the rights of migrants or denying the right to work.”

A government spokesperson said the increase in TPS applications was being examined to determine if it was related to immigration policy changes in the country, but they said it had not been the case.

The number of applications for asylum from migrants has risen since the Brexit vote, with the number almost doubling to 8,500 from 2,500.

Immigrants, many of them from Mexico, Central America, the Middle Eastern and Asian countries, are a large group in the UK.

But they have been less common among the country’s young, educated and well-educated people, who are less likely to have jobs and who are more likely to be immigrants.

The government has made the number one priority of immigration policy a crackdown on fraud and people smuggling.

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