The New York State Supreme Court has denied a challenge to New York’s constitutionality by a group of abortion doctors and supporters who are arguing that the state’s abortion law violates their constitutional rights.

The court said it would hear the case in the fall, but it could delay the outcome.

The lawsuit was filed by the Center for Reproductive Rights and a number of abortion providers, and the group was led by New York City-based lawyer and abortion doctor Larry Silverstein.

The Supreme Court had said in a February ruling that abortion providers had standing to bring the case.

In response, the state legislature passed a bill allowing abortion clinics to offer abortions under strict restrictions, but that also banned clinics from providing other health services like childbirth and cancer screenings.

The new law, which took effect on Sept. 1, requires doctors who are performing abortions in the state to obtain an admitting privileges permit from the state before they can perform abortions.

The law also requires the state Department of Health to publish a list of abortion clinics in the State and provide the names of the physicians who are providing abortions.

The bill also allows the state Attorney General to take legal action to enforce the law, but the governor has not acted on that request.

The center’s attorney, Mark Waid, said his group had not been able to obtain the permit and had filed a complaint with the court.

Waid said the law was “a sham.”

“We’re asking the court to rule that the legislature’s ban on abortion is unconstitutional,” Waid told the Associated Press.

“The courts are supposed to be the final arbiters of constitutional law.”

The law was challenged in a federal court in Manhattan in January, but a judge in New York declined to hear the request.

In an opinion published last month, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that the plaintiffs’ right to abortion was protected by the Constitution, but he did not rule that abortion was illegal under New York law.

Kennedy’s opinion was in response to a lawsuit filed by two abortion doctors who say they are being discriminated against in New Jersey, which is one of the states that bans abortion.

The suit was led in part by the New York Abortion Care Network.

In a ruling last week, Kennedy wrote the plaintiffs had not shown “actual harm” to the state, and therefore could not bring a constitutional challenge.

The court also noted that the New Jersey law is not particularly stringent.

Kennard also said that he would be “disappointed” if a court denied the New Yorkers’ case.

The case is a legal one, but abortion providers have been fighting to keep abortion clinics open in New New York, arguing that it is a constitutionally protected right.

The New York legislature last year passed a law that prohibited abortions at hospitals, but also allowed abortion providers to perform abortions at private clinics and to operate surgical centers.

The measure did not include a provision that would have barred abortion clinics from selling fetal tissue or transferring fetal tissue.

The state has a long history of passing laws that violate women’s constitutional rights, and abortion providers and their supporters have used that history to raise questions about the constitutionality, if not legality, of the legislation.

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