New York’s rocket lawyer says she’s not going anywhere and has launched a campaign to show her colleagues she was wrongfully fired from the job she had worked for more than a decade.

Jenny Zagorski, who has represented more than 50 clients in wrongful termination cases, told a crowd of supporters on Monday that she would launch an “action to make the public believe” her firing was for a “lack of merit” and that she is going to continue fighting her claim for wrongful termination.

Ms Zaganskis husband, Mark, died in an accident in 2008, and her estranged son, Tyler, is suing her after she claims his mother was fired for making false claims about his health.

The Zagnskis’ son, Dylan, who was 17 at the time of his mother’s death, said Ms Zagskis has a long history of legal issues and has a “pattern of lying, and the fact that she’s the same person as the lawyer that was fired, is just so incredibly wrong”.

“I’m here to fight this for every other lawyer who has been fired for the same reason that I’ve been fired,” Mr Zagansky told the crowd.

“And if you don’t know this, I’ll tell you.

If you want to keep your job, keep fighting.”

Ms Zigskis was hired in 2012 as a personal injury lawyer at a firm that specializes in wrongful dismissal cases.

The firm has also represented several other clients, including the families of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

A spokesperson for the firm said Ms Mauer had been terminated for “serious misconduct” after she was accused of filing a false complaint to the New York State Bar about her son’s death.

Ms Maganza told reporters on Monday she was “deeply saddened” by Ms Zagananss allegations, and said she “will fight this vigorously”.

“It was an unfortunate decision,” she said.

“It is not my place to speculate on her personal life.

The statement also said Ms Mazanek was “under no illusions” her termination was for “a lack of merit”, and that her husband “was not fired for being a bad mother”. “

I am not going to speculate or speculate on my client’s life.”

The statement also said Ms Mazanek was “under no illusions” her termination was for “a lack of merit”, and that her husband “was not fired for being a bad mother”.

She said her firm is still in negotiations with her lawyer for an official statement.

The lawyer also said she was considering a lawsuit.

The New York Police Department declined to comment on Ms Mazannaks allegations and said it had no comment on pending litigation.

Ms Mazansk is also suing the New Jersey State Bar over her termination, which she claims was not justified.

Ms Bialy, the lawyer, told reporters her case is similar to that of Ms Mazanzas lawyer, who filed a lawsuit against her firm in 2014 alleging wrongful termination, retaliation and discrimination after she quit.

Ms Cahn said she had “no interest” in pursuing a lawsuit on her own and that the case against Ms Mazanczanss would be dismissed.

She also said it was not her place to comment further.

The Associated Press

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