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DeRay McKesson's lawsuit against a police officer is on hold until a judge decides if it can proceed : GALLERY SU

DeRay McEnany’s lawsuit to hold a police officers union official accountable for the death of his son was dismissed last week by a judge, according to court documents.

McEnany, a Black Lives Matter activist, has filed a motion to dismiss his lawsuit against Officer Daniel P. Moore, which was filed in October.

Moore was charged in May with manslaughter for killing 17-year-old DeRay McKinney in November 2014 in a confrontation at a convenience store.

DeRay McKinneys death sparked months of protests and riots in the Baltimore city.

Moore is white.

Mcenany has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

The judge in the case ruled in March that a preliminary injunction to prevent Moore from being placed on paid administrative leave was not required.

Moore has not been charged in connection with DeRay’s death.

A jury trial has been set for May 15 in the second trial of Moore.

A hearing on the motion to hold Moore on paid leave was set for Thursday, according in court documents from McEnony’s attorney, Thomas P. Riggiano.

McKinney’s mother, Gwen Carr, called Moore a coward and a murderer, and called the verdicts of the two trials “a disgrace” to Baltimore.

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