A former professional football player from Austria is suing the state of California for failing to properly supervise her son’s fatal accident.

The case stems from a truck accident in 2010, where a child had to be carried out of the accident scene by his parents.

In February this year, the boy’s parents were found guilty of failing to provide adequate supervision of their son, and were fined €20,000.

A lawyer for the boy, who was only 11 at the time, says he wants the state to pay compensation.

The lawyer says that the accident should not have happened.

“The child should have been carried by his father and not left in a car without a guardian,” the lawyer, Jörg Neusch, told the Austrian news agency Österreich.

Neusche said the boy had suffered serious injuries, and needed immediate medical treatment.

The truck involved was also used by his own parents.

According to the lawsuit, the truck driver was responsible for failing the boy in the accident.

In August 2015, a different truck driver, who is not involved in the case, was convicted of failing the child.

A jury of eight women and five men was still deliberating at the end of May, according to the Austrian newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung.

The family’s lawyer told the newspaper that they were looking forward to an appeal.