By John Barnes Reporter Steve BarnesLawyer John BarniesLawyer Steve BarniesA veteran legal firm is taking on the challenge of determining how to navigate the complex estate planning process with a deceased relative’s estate.

Barnes Lawyer has launched a legal challenge to the estate planning law that allows the government to seize the assets of an estate if it determines the assets are in the public interest.

The federal law that makes it illegal to foreclose on an estate has been in place for nearly 20 years and has been upheld in court.

But it has not always been applied correctly.

Barns Lawyer is challenging the law in the U.S. Supreme Court, hoping to stop it from being applied to a dying relative’s property.

The law states that if the government determines that a deceased person has been deemed a public nuisance, it must “take immediate steps to take all reasonable measures to take away the property” from that person’s estate, according to a summary of the law by Barnes Law.

“That’s the end of the line,” Barnes says.

“The law is completely wrong and has never been applied.”

The law requires the government “to take all necessary steps to remove from the property a person or entity who has been determined to be a public nuisances and to take immediate steps that the property is removed from the owner and removed from public access,” according to the summary.

The government could seize the person’s home, car, possessions, and even his or her assets, if it has determined that a public-nuisance designation is appropriate.

A lot of people end up with huge debts and property in the hands of the government, Barnes explains, which is why he thinks the law needs to be revised.

“When someone is dead and they don’t want the government taking over their property, they can’t have that,” he says.

Barnies has already taken on several cases that have been unsuccessful, including one involving a deceased couple.

He says he is confident the new law will be upheld.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Barnies says.

“This is the best law out there.

If we can’t get it in place, then we’ll fight for it.”