A new study shows the average cost of a domestic violence arrest in the United States is more than $2,000 per day.

Domestic violence is one of the most costly legal issues to represent, especially when you’re dealing with a family member, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reported in its latest National Lawyer Survey.

According to the survey, domestic violence victims are more likely to be victims of violence than people in general.

The survey found that one in four domestic violence cases is related to the abuse or stalking of a spouse or partner, and nearly half of those cases involve a relationship between a spouse and a minor.

According a spokesperson for the National Legal Aid Association, the most common charges that domestic violence defendants have to pay include:The NLA is working to increase the awareness of the importance of filing domestic violence charges, and the number of people who have been charged with domestic violence in the past year is up nearly 300 percent.

The NLCA also said it has received numerous requests for assistance from women in need of domestic violence services.