Probate lawyer Shanti Bhushan says he is a citizen and has never applied for citizenship.

He is the founder and chief executive of the BHIT Legal Services Group, which has offices in New Delhi and Bengaluru.

He was also the chief legal counsel for the Bharatiya Janata Party in the state elections last year.

Bhushan said his client was born in the UK and moved to India when he was two years old.

He is a dual citizen of Britain and India, and his father is Indian.

The lawyer said he has been an Indian citizen since 1997 and was born and raised in the country.

He said he was able to work as a lawyer in the United Kingdom for almost 20 years.

He said he had worked in different courts in the US and India and he had applied for Indian citizenship.

“I am a citizen, but I have never applied and never had the right to citizenship.

I never had any interest in that.

I’m a resident of India, but that is not what citizenship means,” he said.

His clients included two women from Bangladesh who had been arrested in the U.K. and who were convicted of terrorism offences in the wake of the Mumbai attacks of 2012.

He described the case of one of his clients, who was arrested in India for trying to travel to Somalia to join al-Shabab, as a “procedural error” on his part.

“If the case was handled properly, he would have been released.

The mistake in the court was the mistake of a judge in that case.

The fact that he was not a citizen is the reason for the procedural error in the case,” he added.

Bhumannagar Bhandari, another probate judge in New South Wales, said Bhushans clients were not necessarily citizens.

He told NDTV he had not heard of the legal dispute between Bhushankar and Bhushanan.

Bhandari said Bhutchans case was a procedural error on his court’s part, adding the court had also been given the option to make a reference to the constitution to resolve the issue.

Bhamannar also said he thought Bhushantan had applied to be a citizen when he applied for his own visa.

Bharatiya Bajpai, the lawyer for Bhushannagar, told NDtv he was unaware of the probate case.

Bhattacharya said he did not have any knowledge of the issue and said the lawyer had done nothing wrong.

“There is no way I am involved in a legal dispute with the lawyer of this court.

It is just a legal matter.

We have never had a legal complaint against anyone from my office,” he told NDTE.

The government has sought the Centre’s intervention to have Bhushani disqualified.

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected the government’s request to disqualify him.