If you want to know if your divorce lawyer is really a fraudster, you need to contact the National Association of Divorce Attorneys (NADA).

In a recent report, NADA found that nearly 70% of the attorneys surveyed have engaged in unethical conduct, including deceptive practices, misleading statements and misrepresentations.

The NADA also found that the vast majority of divorce lawyers, and in many cases, their staff, do not have training on how to conduct investigations and conduct background checks.

In fact, the NADA says, the only training they provide is to attorneys in cases where the divorce is not final.

And yet, Nada found that more than 70% have hired people who have no prior experience with divorce and whose sole purpose is to conduct and manage their own investigations and investigations to obtain “legal advice.”

While the Nada study found that most divorce attorneys have no training in the legal profession, NAA’s executive director, Richard Tipton, says that training is a necessary first step in conducting an investigation and finding out if a divorce is legal or not.

“We need to have some kind of understanding about what’s going on with the divorce, because that’s what the court is trying to do,” Tiptons told Business Insider.

The study found a clear correlation between a lawyer’s training and how well they conduct their investigations and background checks to ensure the integrity of the divorce.

“I would argue that when a lawyer gets certified, they should know how to perform a criminal background check, but when they don’t, they shouldn’t be certified,” Tippetts said.

He added that there are a number of factors that go into determining whether a divorce case is legal, including the size of the couple, the duration of the marriage and whether the lawyer has knowledge of a pending or pending criminal case.

In other words, Nader said, you shouldn’t assume that a divorce attorney is a “clean slate” if he or she has a background check.

“If the person has no knowledge of the criminal record, and the criminal records are in the past, then the person should not be certified and they should not have access to a license,” she said.

“I have no problem with people having a background in the criminal justice system and working on the criminal defense side of things, but if that’s the only reason they get certified, then it’s not going to be an accurate reflection of the integrity and competence of the attorney.”

For more on the business of divorce, watch this Fortune video:”What we do is investigate the situation.

If the circumstances are so serious, the person is so abusive, then we need to do an investigation,” TIPTON said.”

When you’re doing an investigation, it’s about finding out whether there is a crime and if there is, we need the criminal history to be part of the investigation.”

In the NAA report, more than a third of the lawyers surveyed were paid to perform criminal background checks on people they have not met.

The report also found some of the most egregious and unethical conduct.

A majority of the people surveyed had done background checks with false names, and many of them had done so with the false information that they were not even married.

And while the NADAs survey of divorce attorneys found that they did not have the training to conduct criminal background searches, Tiptont said that many lawyers do, and they are “doing it with great success.”

For example, when Nader asked if the Nader Family Law Group, a non-profit organization that advocates for low-income and low-status families, is affiliated with the NAMAG, the answer was “no,” the report said.

The group does not receive financial support from the NADE, which Tiptón said is “absolutely” a problem.

“In terms of what NADA does, it provides some of that information to lawyers that have no experience in the practice of law,” he said.

However, he said that the Nades are not affiliated with NADA, and he was unaware of any Nades working with the organization.”NADA does not have any affiliation with Nader,” Tiptson said.

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