The best defense is a good defense, and sometimes a bad one.

And, in court, the most common defense is that the rapist didn’t do anything wrong.

So, why are rape kits being collected and tested in New York City?

Is it for the good of the victim, or to make sure rapists aren’t caught?

And, as you might imagine, there are several different reasons why the NYPD wants to collect the rape kits and test them.

One, the police believe that, as of now, there is no evidence that a rapist committed the crimes.

They believe the rape kit is a way to prevent future rapes, which, they say, could lead to convictions and jail time.

Second, the rape- kit collection program is in response to the increasing incidence of child abuse and neglect, particularly among victims of sexual abuse.

Many of these victims are too frightened to come forward to police, and are unable to file a complaint, so they are left with the option of being silent.

The NYPD hopes to change this.

It’s hoping to change the behavior of rapists, and to help victims of child sexual abuse in their own time.

This is what the New York Police Department’s Rape Kit Collection Program looks like:Two vans with police officers and volunteers line up outside of the Brooklyn headquarters of the NYPD.

They will collect a large number of rape kits in a citywide program that will begin this summer.

The NYPD wants its kit collection to be as accurate as possible, and it hopes that the samples collected will be collected and analyzed by a lab before they are sent to the state police laboratory in Manhattan for testing.

If the samples come back positive, the lab will test them for DNA and then send them to the city’s Crime Stoppers program, which will send the kits to the police department for DNA testing.

The police department is hoping that by collecting the rape and child abuse kits, the NYPD can deter future crimes.

It will collect the kits in pairs, so that if one victim of child or sexual abuse is raped, the other will be protected.

It also hopes that if the kits are collected in pairs of victims, the victim will be more likely to report the crimes to police.

Third, it wants to make it easier for victims to get justice for their crimes.

The kits will be kept for up to a year, and if a victim doesn’t file a report within two years, the kits will go to a third party for DNA analysis.

The third party will then contact the police and provide DNA samples.

If there are two or more victims of a crime, the crime will be reported to the New Jersey state police for the crime to be considered a hate crime.

The city will collect up to 20 kits per month, and the police will send them out to the crime lab for testing every two weeks.

In addition, the city will donate $100,000 to the local Crime Stories Network, which helps victims of crime and their families in New Jersey.

The collection of the rape or child abuse kit in New City, Brooklyn, is not an effort to deter rapists or to protect children.

It is an effort by the NYPD to collect rape kits, which are then tested, to prevent rape and other crimes against children.

The goal of the collection is to make the police more effective and to provide justice to victims.

It has also been shown that the DNA analysis will help in prosecuting rapists.

The New York police say the DNA results will help identify those responsible for the crimes, which is the ultimate goal.

What can you do if you’re a victim of rape or sexual assault?

You should not go to the hospital, because they will send a rape kit to the lab and send the results to the court.

The victim may be able to use this DNA to get the case dismissed.

The judge may decide to give you more time to file an appeal.

The rape kit collection will not stop if you tell police that you are a victim, and you should tell them that you believe that you were the victim of sexual assault.

If you do not want the crime against you to be reported, you should call 911 and report the crime.

If it is a crime against your child, you need to call the child abuse hotline to report it.

If you are worried that the rape victim may become angry at you or that the person you are with may harm you or your children, you must contact the NYPD’s Rape and Child Abuse hotline.

You should also call the NYPD Criminal Justice Center for information on how to file for a protective order against a rapist.

If a victim files for a Protective Order against a convicted rapist, the judge will determine whether the order should be lifted.

If so, the order is effective immediately.

The order must be lifted within two months of the incident or it will remain in effect.

If the rapist is found guilty, the rapist will be sentenced to life in prison.

If a rapist is convicted of