A lawyer who is considering whether to take up the European court case to challenge Britain’s “right to remain” law is not likely to choose to travel to London.

“London’s legal environment is a very attractive place to represent clients,” said Stephen Bickerton, an associate partner at law firm Bristow & Mabey in Melbourne.

The UK has taken several steps to improve its international standing, including the introduction of its EU acquis in July 2020, which allows it to request an appeal against decisions by the court.

But the UK has also been accused of failing to adhere to the same international standards as other European countries, which is what has prompted the European Commission to launch a formal complaint.

“It’s been quite a significant development,” Mr Bickert said.

“The UK is a great country.

We have a great reputation.

We are an excellent, high-quality country.”

The commission’s complaint is being led by the European Parliament’s Brexit spokesman, Martin Schulz, who is an MEP from Germany.

“As a member of the European parliament, I have been aware of the problems caused by the British Government’s refusal to abide by international standards and standards on EU-wide and national law, and to respect the rule of law and human rights,” Mr Schulz said in a statement.

“My view is that we can, and must, do better.”

In its complaint, the commission has highlighted the “systematic discrimination” in the UK, saying that in 2016 the Home Office, which represents the Government, admitted it did not enforce EU law.

The report also said that the UK had failed to respond to repeated requests for information on its internal judicial processes, including a request for information about the outcome of the Brexit talks.

The commission said that its staff were not able to provide information on the process of preparing and drafting EU laws and the legal frameworks which govern those laws.

The European Court will hear the case in April 2020.

The court is due to rule in June 2018, but the commission is calling for the case to be heard as soon as possible.

The EU’s rights commissioner, Johannes Hahn, has said that a “clear and decisive victory” for the UK could be on the cards by the end of the year.

“We are hoping that we are going to see an outcome in the coming weeks that would send a clear message to the British government that it has to change its position and stop interfering in the courts,” Mr Hahn said.

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