Business lawyers and immigration attorneys can often be hired for their expertise on criminal defense, but a new lawsuit claims they can be charged with criminal conspiracy.

A woman named Krista is suing her former employer for criminal conspiracy charges for allegedly conspiring to get her cat taken away from her after her pet was injured during a car accident.

Krista claims the business was negligent and she lost the cat.

She said her employer and her former supervisor were both aware of the cat’s condition.

The lawsuit also alleges Krista was offered more than $600 per month for her cat, but she refused to sign a contract.

Kristah was never allowed to take the cat to a veterinarian for evaluation, or even to have it taken to a vet to be tested.

Kristas attorney, Thomas T. Smith, said that after a year of investigating, he was not able to find anyone in the company who would be able to provide him with information about the cat, and he was even unable to obtain a search warrant.

Krists attorney, James C. Gifford, said he believes the business has a legitimate reason for wanting Krista’s cat, which was not a service animal.

Kristy was not immediately available for comment.

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