When you’re asked to take a lawyer from one city to another, how would you choose? 

The Lincoln Law Firm in New York City has offered to give you an overview of the best lawyers in each city, which is exactly what I asked to do, and which is what the firm did. 

I found the Lincoln lawyers’ websites to be extremely helpful. 

The lawyers listed by zip code are listed in alphabetical order. 

From the city where you live to the state where you work, you can check which lawyers are available to help you. 

To get the most out of your time with a lawyer in your city, I suggest you contact them, but if you do decide to take the Lincoln Law firm’s advice, you should take it seriously. 

“It’s like going to the DMV and getting a free car,” said James Hahn, a partner in the firm who has worked with the firm for more than 15 years. 

He and his partners say they take their clients seriously and take the time to educate them on their rights and responsibilities. 

Hahn and his partner, Scott B. Pannell, say they are the first Lincoln lawyers to be honored by the National Association of Bar Examiners, and they were recognized in 2016 by the Society of Professional Journalists for their work. 

Pannell said the Lincoln firm has also helped more than 600 clients in the past year with their bankruptcy or divorce issues, and is the only firm that is able to help clients with the “complex, life-changing” financial situations. 

As for why the firm offers to give the public a more detailed look at the lawyers in their cities, the firm says the information is useful for people who are interested in getting an opinion from a lawyer who is experienced in the area. 

They also offer to provide an estimate on how much money you will pay to a lawyer to represent you. 

 I think that it’s really important that you have someone to go to if you’re in a position where you want to talk about what you’re facing, said B.J. Bock, a managing partner at the firm and a former U.S. Attorney. 

Bock says that while he’s a lawyer by trade, he thinks that the information offered by the Lincoln law firm is “a really important part of the process.” 

“You’re going to have to go out of the way and look at them and ask a few questions to understand their reasoning,” Bock said. 

According to the firm’s website, Lincoln attorneys can offer “a wide range of legal services to those who are in financial distress, have questions about their finances, are looking for a new job or just need advice.” 


J Bock is a partner at the Lincoln Law LLP.

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