The lincoln attorney who went to prison after allegedly defrauding his clients of more than $4.7 million says he was unfairly charged and that he will not rest until he’s exonerated.

On Tuesday, Joseph B. Storrs was convicted in a separate civil suit for fraudulently claiming more than 10 million dollars in medical bills from the Lincoln Law Firm, a lawyer who represented the plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit filed by the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

Storrs, 52, pleaded not guilty to all counts, but his attorneys argued that he was innocent.

“I do not believe that he acted maliciously or dishonestly,” Storr attorney Jonathan Zuckerman told jurors at Storris’ sentencing hearing on Oct. 6.

“It was an accident, and it was an intentional act of fraud.”

Storr, a former Lincoln attorney, admitted that he signed a contract for work that never took place, and that the Lincoln Firm was a legitimate practice that never had any employees who were victims of wrongful death claims.

But Zuckermans argument was that Storry was a liar, a fraudster and a con artist.

Stors lawyers defense team said Storries actions were completely legal, and he was only following the law.

“He was following the rules and rules and they were followed by everybody,” Zuckemann said.

Zuckerman also said that the defendants never took steps to verify that Stors claims were accurate, but that Stora had hired two other lawyers in his name who signed a different contract.

“Storris didn’t have the same level of trust that I did,” Zugermans defense attorney Robert T. McKeon said.

“Storry’s credibility was never questioned, and there was never any evidence that Storers claim was wrong.”

McKeon told jurors that the plaintiffs claim was based on “a lot of smoke and mirrors” and “a lack of evidence.”

Storers defense team argued that Storkers claims were never proven, and the plaintiffs lawyers could have been the ones to prove Storrors claims.

“The plaintiffs claim is not a viable claim,” Zinkerman said.

McKeons defense argued that the claims were unfounded and that Stoors actions were in direct violation of the laws of the state of New York.

Zuckererman said Stora was never told that the work he was supposed to be doing was not happening and that it was never disclosed to him in the contract.

“I think that this is one of the things that makes him unique in this case,” Zunkerman said, referring to Storros claims.

Zuks lawyers defense said that Storrry never gave Storroers information that would have helped him prepare for his work, and his failure to do so was a failure to be honest with Storra.

“This was not an honest, fair, and professional job,” Zuks attorney Robert W. Zuckeman said.

Storrris attorneys claim they have been awarded $5.9 million by the State of New Jersey and $1.8 million by a jury.

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