A Quebec lawyer who says she is seeking to take her case to the Supreme Court says the province has no right to force her to take a pay cut.

“The Quebec government has no power to impose a pay reduction on me,” said lawyer Michel Gagnon, whose client was ordered to take part in a paid parental leave scheme for his three children after they were born in 2009.

“It’s illegal.

It’s unconstitutional.

And the Quebec Supreme Court has already ruled on it.”

The Quebec labour ministry announced on March 11 that it would pay Gagnons wife, Marie-Claude, $25,000 a year.

Marie-Claire Gagnone was a senior government official in charge of child care and child-care services during the height of the recession.

She said she was asked to take on a job that was not directly related to her work.

The provincial government said she would take a 10-per-cent pay cut, with the money coming from a provincial child care levy that was introduced in 2010.

The move sparked a backlash from unions and public servants who felt it would cost jobs and hurt their pay.

Gagnones lawyer said she wants the Quebec Court of Appeal to review the pay reduction.

“I’m not seeking to be paid more, I’m not asking for more money,” Gagnoni said.

“My client is entitled to a salary that is a reflection of what she’s doing for her family.”

Gagnon said she is also seeking a wage increase that would help her pay off the child care costs.

Quebec has a minimum wage of $15.50 per hour and a maximum of $27.50.

Gagnons lawyer said he believes the province’s plan is unconstitutional and he plans to file an appeal.

The province has said it will not appeal.

“This decision has been made in the context of the Quebec Charter of Human Rights,” ministry spokesperson Gilles Boudreau said in an email.

Gagloni said the province is violating the Charter of Quebec Human Rights and the Quebec Human Right Act.””

It also protects against discrimination based upon gender identity.”

Gagloni said the province is violating the Charter of Quebec Human Rights and the Quebec Human Right Act.

“They are imposing a salary, a salary without any compensation to the individual.

They are imposing it on my family,” she said.

“And if they want to give me the money they want, why should they give it to my family?”

Gagnoni’s lawyer, Marc Piqué, said the pay cut was unfair.

“There is no need for a pay decrease,” he said.

The Quebec Liberal government said it is prepared to discuss with Gagnonic’s union what it will do with the $25 million in government funds she receives.

The Quebec Liberal Party said it has no plans to pay her severance.

Gagagnon is currently working as a lawyer in the Montreal suburb of Sherbrooke.

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