When it comes to lawyers, there’s no shortage of reasons to be happy.

But what if there was a cheaper option?

For one, there are some cases where it might make sense for a lawyer to have a cheaper client than a company lawyer.

And some lawyers are just plain more competent than their counterparts.

Corporate lawyers are notoriously expensive, but there are alternatives.

Here are five ways to get your legal fees down.


A corporate lawyer can make more money in less time If you’re an experienced corporate lawyer, you’ll have to get creative with your case, says David McWilliams, a corporate lawyer at Foley & Lardner in New York City.

That means you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right representation.

For example, you may want to negotiate a fee with your lawyer so that it’s cheaper for you to have the same representation as a company.

Or, you can take the more conventional route and negotiate a lower fee for a company representation.

This kind of arrangement will allow you to get a better representation for your money, McWilliams says.


Your case may not require an expert to make the decisionIf your case is more complicated than a typical employee benefit case, you might be better off negotiating with a third party rather than a corporate attorney, Mc Williams says.

This may mean negotiating a fee to hire a corporate or an individual expert.

The third party might also be willing to offer to pay for the expert’s time to meet with your client.

If you have a small or large business, you could also try negotiating with the person running your legal department or your CEO.


You don’t have to wait to be hired by your lawyer If you are an experienced attorney who has worked in corporate law for a long time, you’re probably familiar with the concept of an independent fee negotiation.

If your case involves a financial settlement, you should negotiate an independent agency fee, McBain says.

The independent agency can negotiate a fair rate for the client and will avoid having to pay the lawyer’s fees, McWilliam says.

For instance, an independent agent could negotiate a higher rate for a small business than an independent firm, he says.


Your client might have other optionsAnother option is to hire an independent law firm.

You can hire an outside law firm to represent your case instead of an attorney, but you still have to pay them a fee, says McWilliams.

You’ll also need to pay a small amount of your own legal fees and other fees that you pay the firm, McWilliam says.

Another option is hiring a local firm.

Many small firms offer their clients a low-fee, non-adjudicated legal practice, McWiliam says, but some also have higher fees, and you may not be able to get them without paying a lot of money.


A company attorney’s fees are cheaper than an individual attorney’s The same is true for a corporate firm, says Michael Hahn, a partner at Hahn Law in Minneapolis.

If a company’s lawyer is paid by the company, then he can negotiate an acceptable fee with a company representative, Hahn says.

But a corporate representative can only negotiate for the company’s legal fees, which are not typically reimbursed by the client, Hahns says.

A typical fee for an attorney is between $5,000 and $10,000, Hensin says.

That might not sound like a lot, but it is.

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