A lawyer in the United States who says she has been fired for her work as a “speed bump” to a colleague is calling on the Obama administration to force the Justice Department to investigate.

Lawyer Nancy Stephens, who is married to former President Bill Clinton, said in a video posted on the White House Web site that she had been fired on Dec. 6, 2014, by the National Labor Relations Board after she and her husband, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, helped to stop a company from blocking a union election.

Stephens, who has been a union organizer for 20 years, said she was fired because she refused to be intimidated by the NLRB and threatened to take legal action against the company, which she said was a direct threat to her career.

The video was posted by Stephens on the Web site of the White the White and a Labor Day holiday.

The NLRB said Monday it would not comment on the video.

The video includes interviews with Stephens and her lawyers, both of whom say they have no complaints against the NLB, or the company.

“We are both very concerned about what the NLR (National Labor Relations Act) has become and how it has been abused to promote its agenda,” Stephens said in the video, which was made public Monday by the White house.

The company, National Labor Mutual, declined to comment.

A spokesman for National Labor, a division of United Technologies Corp., said in an e-mail that Stephens was terminated because she “failing to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information.”

“As a result, Ms. Stephens was removed from the company’s payroll and reassigned to a different position,” the spokesman said.

Stephes said she is suing United Technologies for wrongful termination.

She has hired the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Lawyer Guild to represent her.

The dispute has come at a time when many unions are under attack by a rising tide of anti-union and anti-business sentiment.

The union-busting movement in the U.S. has drawn criticism from some conservatives, who have called for government-imposed limits on union activity and for workers to be given the right to strike.

Stephenson and O’Conner, who was born in Philadelphia, were among a handful of attorneys who helped defeat a federal law in 2003 requiring federal contractors to give the unions a wage and benefits package.

In 2011, they helped win a ruling that the law violated the First Amendment.

In addition to the NLRA, the UAW is also suing the company for wrongful firing.

O’Connell said she wants to be paid her “fair share.”

The union has also been suing United for wage and hour violations and alleged retaliation for a union contract dispute.

The National Labor Law Center has not released a list of other employees who have been fired by United Technologies or its subsidiaries, which include several for union organizing.

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