The law firm of one of the best divorce lawyers in the country is suing Apple for copyright infringement, according to a blog post by its CEO, Jeffrey K. Hoch.

The patent law firm filed a lawsuit against Apple last week, accusing the company of patent infringement.

The law firms lawsuit alleges that the company used an image of a vehicle that was in the possession of the Hoch patent attorneys to create a computer program, which was used to “alter” the image in order to make it look like the car was stolen.

The image was posted on Apple’s iPhone App Store and Apple’s official site.

The copyright infringement was allegedly found when the company “took the photo from the Apple Store and uploaded it to the Apple website without authorization.”

Apple responded to the lawsuit with a statement, saying that it is a “complaint about an alleged patent violation and the infringement of one’s rights.”

A spokesperson for Hoch declined to comment.

This is the second time the firm has sued Apple.

In October, the firm filed an antitrust lawsuit against the company for allegedly violating its copyrights by selling an iPhone app that allowed users to use Apple’s iMessage service.

Apple said in a statement that it will appeal the ruling.

The company also says that it has no intention of selling its own iPhone AppStore, and has instead licensed its Apple-branded app store to third parties.

“The lawsuit filed by the Houghts seeks to make a direct and punitive infringement claim on our patent, and is not intended to be a legal claim or counterclaim,” the company said.

“We’re disappointed in this lawsuit, but we believe the patent owners should have the ability to litigate on their own merits.”

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