Domestic violence attorney and former New York City Police Department detective Daniel Gerson told Bloomberg News that he has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD alleging that the department failed to properly respond to his complaint about an officer who had his hands tied and then shot him in the chest after he had threatened to report a domestic dispute. 

Gerson filed the lawsuit on Monday against the New York Police Department, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Deputy Chief John Rizzo. 

“This is a violation of my civil rights,” Gerson said.

“This is an abuse of authority.” 

In the lawsuit, Gerson claims that on May 1, 2017, he was arrested for allegedly resisting arrest after an incident involving an abusive boyfriend. 

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Gson said he was charged with felony aggravated harassment after a confrontation with his abusive boyfriend, but he was released without charges. 

According to the complaint, Genson told police that he had been beaten by his boyfriend and his girlfriend.

Gerson was charged on March 27, 2018 with felony assault and battery, a misdemeanor. 

On May 1 of this year, GSON said that he was stopped by officers after a domestic violence complaint in the Bronx. 

After an officer’s gun went off, the officer ordered Gerson to the ground, and Gerson grabbed his gun and said, “I’m not a fucking officer.” 

“I tried to get up, but they just held me down and shot me,” Gson told Bloomberg. 

When officers handcuffed him, he said, they said, “Get down, you’re not supposed to be in the street.

You’re a fucking terrorist.” 

Genson was transported to a hospital and charged with assault, battery, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer. 

A judge released Gerson on bond, but the lawsuit alleges that Gerson still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and is currently undergoing treatment for his injuries. 

Police said that GSON was unarmed and was arrested on a misdemeanor charge. 

De Blasio’s administration is currently working on a law that would expand police body cameras to all officers, and has made it clear that officers will not be required to wear them. 

However, Gelson says that he is worried that the NYPD is going to use the cameras to “hide” the fact that the officers involved in the incident did nothing wrong. 

The complaint also alleges that police also “disrespected GSON by not arresting or arresting GSON for the assault.”