An accident lawyer who once questioned President Obama’s birth certificate has now said that the president should have waited until after the election to make a decision on his citizenship.

Professor of law and politics and co-author of the new book ‘Birthers: Why They’re Wrong and How to Stop Them’, Dr Christopher Pyne told ABC Radio Melbourne’s AM program that he did not think Obama should have made a decision until after Australia’s federal election.

“He shouldn’t have made any decisions until after November,” Professor Pyne said.

Professor Pynes view is that President Obama is not an American citizen. “

The fact is the president has been very clear from the start that he wanted to be president of the United States and he had every right to be,” Professor Joly said.

Professor Pynes view is that President Obama is not an American citizen.

Photo: ABC Dr Pyne also questioned whether the president had done anything wrong by delaying the citizenship application process.

“When he did make a statement that he was not American, it was probably because he knew that there were going to have to be serious legal challenges,” Professor Q said.

“[He] made a statement about not being a citizen of the U.S. and I think he should have been more explicit about that.”

Professor Q also said that he had been “very careful not to draw any conclusions about the president’s motivations” when he was asked about the decision to delay the citizenship process.

Professor Q told AM the president was being “a little bit naive” when it came to how people would respond to him.

“I think he’s probably been being a little bit naïve, not having done much research,” Professor B said.

‘A bit naive’ to say that President Barack Obama was not an Australian citizen, Professor Q says.

“Because the Australian public have a pretty good idea of what happened in November 2008,” he said.

But Professor Q did not believe the president would have done the same if he had not been so concerned about the possibility of legal challenges.

He said it was important to note that the issue of whether President Obama was an American was still before the courts.

Professor B also disputed Professor Pynecles assertion that the White House had not provided him with documents or information about the citizenship issue.

“In my view, they should have provided me with information about why this case was being made and what the reasons were,” Professor A said.

When asked why he did, Professor A replied: “They should have said ‘We’re not going to comment on that matter’.” But Professor Pyntens position was supported by Professor Jolly, who said the president needed to make the decision himself.

“My view is this president has done a very good job of communicating to Australians that he’s not an american citizen,” Professor C said.

Senator Jacqui Lambie said she believed the president is not American.

“This president has not been able to explain what happened,” Senator Lambie told ABC TV.

“That’s what people have to take into account when they make decisions.”

Professor Pynet’s views on President Obama are a little more nuanced.

Photo by Dan Macgregor The lawyer said that although the president did not intend to mislead Australians about his citizenship status, he had a right to do so.

“As a lawyer, I do not have a particular view on what’s best for the president, I just think it is appropriate for the courts to have a role in that,” Professor D said.

Mr Pyne has not responded to ABC News’ request for comment.

He is also opposed to Mr Obama using a private email address while serving as president.

He told AM that Mr Obama’s “appearance of ignorance” on the issue was “quite extraordinary” and he was “very concerned” about how the president might respond if he was found to have been misleading the Australian electorate.

“You would think that the Australian voters would be quite concerned about that,” he added.

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