Updated April 18, 2020 12:24:14 Anthony, a former model and model-turned-actor, has been charged with the murder of her husband Casey Anthony, who was found dead in their home in October 2015.

Prosecutors say Anthony was the intended victim of a planned, years-long attack by Anthony’s estranged boyfriend, Anthony’s ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Heard, a model and pop singer, was also charged in connection with the case.

A jury deliberated for just over a week before convicting Anthony in February 2018, and she was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

Prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss the murder charge against Anthony, citing the lack of new evidence.

“The state has presented insufficient evidence to meet its burden of showing beyond a reasonable doubt that defendant Anthony was directly targeted for her conduct and that defendant’s conduct was designed to inflict significant injury on defendant,” prosecutors wrote in the motion.

“While defendant Anthony did not participate in the attack, it is reasonable to conclude that defendant was aware of her role in the crime.”

Prosecutors did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Anthony and Heard were initially charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts each of attempted first- and second-degree homicide.

Anthony, the only surviving victim of the murder, was found strangled with a pillow in her bedroom on Oct. 20, 2015.

Heard has pleaded not guilty to first-class murder charges, which carry a mandatory minimum sentence of life in jail.

The defense has argued that the trial judge should have allowed Anthony’s trial to go forward, and has argued for leniency, according to the New York Times.

The motion also requested that the judge vacate the verdict of not guilty and that he recuse himself from any case involving Heard.

The prosecution has argued in court filings that Anthony was acting in self-defense, and prosecutors have said they are investigating whether the alleged assault was carried out as a way to punish her.

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