A civil rights attorney near you could soon be facing an onslaught of lawsuits from people who have a legal problem with you, says civil rights expert Peter Geppert.

The problem is the same as it was for the civil rights movement: lawyers who have had enough of people who are trying to bully them and make them look bad.

They’ve had enough.

Geppet said he is aware of more than 100 civil rights cases that have been filed against people in the last five years, all of them with the same problem: people who were not accused of a crime but were somehow harassed or abused.

If a person has a complaint that doesn’t involve criminal activity, it is easier to file a lawsuit against that person, Geppett said.

It’s a very common problem in civil rights law, said attorney David Daley, who has handled civil rights matters in the past for several years.

“When you’re in the public sector, it’s an important part of your job.

And if you are a civil-rights lawyer, it really is your responsibility to protect the people you represent.”

And if that means filing lawsuits to protect someone else’s reputation, he said, that is a reasonable expectation of justice.

Daley said the number of civil rights lawsuits filed in the U.S. has increased dramatically in the recent years, which has made it harder for the people suing to get relief.

“They have to prove that they were harmed by that person,” Daley explained.

That’s why, Daley continued, it makes sense for civil rights attorneys to avoid dealing with these lawsuits.

“It makes no sense for us to go to the public defender or the police department and say, ‘Hey, I have this case that has been going on for a long time and I need to get you to get rid of this person because it’s harassing me,'” Daley noted.

“We don’t have the resources to go and go into these lawsuits, because we’re in a private capacity.”

The number of complaints against people for doing things like parking or drinking alcohol is a problem because people are intimidated by those people, Gepps said.

In some cases, people are afraid to go forward with their complaints because of the potential of a lawsuit.

And the people they’re suing have a history of being in trouble.

“If you go to a lawyer who is a civil attorney, you’re going to get a very aggressive response,” Geppets said.

“You’re going be telling them to shut the hell up and to not come to your office.”

In fact, if you have a civil lawsuit against you, your attorney may have a right to represent you, Geppoets said, and you can’t go out and sue your neighbors.

In most cases, the lawyers will have to get involved in mediation, which can be expensive and take time.

So the people being sued are left with a choice: file a civil action or fight the case themselves.

In the end, they are going to be on the hook for their own legal fees, and that’s where Geppetts advice comes in.

“Don’t get involved unless you absolutely have to, and if you do, go for it,” Gepps advised.

“Otherwise, you might have a lot of damage done to your reputation.”

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