Court will hear arguments for a cat-themed lawsuit over a controversial California law that says animals can’t be used for research or testing unless they’re bred in captivity.

The lawsuit seeks to ban the use of captive animals in human studies and to prevent the state from using the animals in animal tests.

The California Veterinary Medical Association and other animal rights groups have long opposed the law, which they say is discriminatory and unjustifiable.

They argue that the state could save money and time by using non-human animals instead. 

California has a captive animal-research program that allows animals to be used in research and testing.

The group’s president, Mary Ann Hitt, said in a statement the law has been a “horrific waste of tax dollars.”

She called it “disgraceful” and said California should be “a leader in humane, responsible research.”

The law would also prohibit the state or any person from using animals in tests or experiments unless the animals are bred in an animal facility.

The state is currently working on a new law that would make this requirement more stringent. 

But Hitt said in her statement that she was “surprised and saddened” by the news that the lawsuit would be brought on behalf of a cat, which she said has been used in studies and research. 

“This lawsuit represents a direct attack on cats, a family member or pet, or an animal that has been adopted or fostered in California,” she said.

“Cats have long been used for studies, but this lawsuit makes clear that they are not.”

Cats are a protected species and deserve the same respect and protection afforded other animals.

“The lawsuit, filed in California Superior Court in Sacramento on Friday, asks a judge to issue a temporary restraining order blocking the law from taking effect until the case is heard in court.

The suit, brought by Humane Society of the United States, says the law violates California’s own federal law banning cruel and unusual punishment.

The Animal Welfare Act prohibits cruel and inhuman treatment or punishment, including inhumane or unnecessary cruelty to animals.

It also requires that animal research be conducted solely for the purpose of evaluating the welfare of animals and that animal studies conducted on animals must comply with federal and state animal cruelty regulations.

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