Judge Judy is on a roll in her new home, New York.

After winning a case in which a woman accused her of domestic violence and was sentenced to 12 years in prison for failing to pay child support, she is making headlines in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County.

The Times also reports that a woman in New York City who claims she was abused by her mother-in-law sued her ex-husband. 

This is what lawyers say is the most interesting thing to come out of this case.

The women in question, Gloria Allred and Laura Fisher, are the co-founders of the Women’s Law Project, a group that has worked to end abuse, domestic violence, and stalking cases by raising awareness of domestic abuse and stalking and advocating for victims.

They are also the two women who sued Mr. Greenberg. 

Gloria Allred and Laura Fisher filed the lawsuit against Mr. Greenwald on behalf of two women in California, both of whom have filed restraining orders against their abusive husbands. 

In a statement, Mr. Allred said she and her co-authors “are thrilled to see the courts recognizing that women have a legal right to assert their rights when it comes to their abusers, whether they are married or single.” 

Ms. Fisher said, “The women of the group are committed to bringing women into the law and fighting to end domestic violence in all forms.” 

The suit, filed last month, was a victory for women who have come forward to accuse their husbands of abuse.

In the past, the women’s actions have been used to protect the reputation of the accused husband. 

“The judge, Judge Richard Berman, was an extraordinary judge,” Gloria Allrered said in a statement.

“He made this case public for all to see.

I’m proud of the women of Women’s Action who have stood up to defend their rights and the rights of their children.

We will continue to fight for justice for our daughters.” 

A few years ago, when Gloria Allreen told the Washington Post about her experience with her mother, she said, “I felt so violated and humiliated that I couldn’t think straight.

And that’s how my mother treated me.

She put a blanket over my head and made me feel like a little slut.” 

Gustavo Morales, who has represented a number of women accused of domestic and sexual violence, says the judge’s actions in this case, as well as in many others, are a huge step forward for victims of domestic, sexual, and physical violence.

“It’s a huge win,” Mr. Morales said.

“There is a great deal of awareness around domestic violence.

And the women have come together to bring justice.

The judges actions in the case are really important.” 

“Judge Berman is an extraordinary man.

He has taken on this incredible case and the work that it’s done, and the way that the women are taking on this case is really remarkable,” Mr, Morales said, adding that he hopes that the case can serve as a model for other women who may be facing domestic abuse. 

The women’s lawyers also hope that the ruling will spur other women to come forward with their stories. 

Mr. Greenwald is not the first celebrity to get into trouble with his estranged wife.

In 1999, he was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

He was convicted of misdemeanor charges of battery and disorderly conduct, and ordered to perform 150 hours of community service. 

But Mr. Miranda said that he is hopeful that the court’s ruling will lead to more people coming forward. 

He said, “It really does take something to make the women who are abused feel like this is a real possibility.

I believe the women will come forward and we will be able to see that this is not just happening in Hollywood.

This is happening all over America.” 

In the past two years, Gloria Miranda has been the focus of a number different lawsuits.

In 2014, she was charged with battery after allegedly throwing a plastic cup at a homeless man. 

She was arrested for assault and was later convicted of violating probation, but she was released after a probation officer reported that she had no prior criminal record.

In 2015, she filed for divorce from her husband of 11 years, citing “misuse of his office.” 

Earlier this year, Gloria was also the subject of an attempted murder case.

In January, she told reporters in Las Vegas that she was afraid for her safety because of Mr. Wilson’s threatening phone calls. 

A representative for Mr. Baldwin declined to comment for this story. 

All of these women are now suing for more than $3 million, which is a lot of money for a case that is just beginning to garner media attention.

Gloria Allrenes lawsuit is currently pending in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Laura Fisher is currently suing her ex husband in a separate lawsuit, and Gloria Allreed filed her

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