Personal injury lawyer Andrew Molloy says the new law makes it more difficult for the Irish courts to deal with personal injury claims.

The law, which takes effect on 1 March, allows claims to be filed in Ireland against individuals or businesses for damages arising from incidents that occurred in the country.

It means that the Irish Courts have been limited to hearing claims from individuals and businesses against individuals, but not to businesses.

Mr Mollow said the law would result in more lawsuits, which are more likely to be heard in Irish courts.

“If you’re a business, it’s very unlikely you’ll get a claim because the laws are so different,” he said.

“For businesses, if you want to sue somebody for damages, it is extremely difficult, it requires an international company to pay the money to the Irish authorities and the money will then have to be returned to the company.”

That’s a lot of money for a small company.

“Personal injury lawyer and founder of Irish Injury Law, Andrew Mott, said the change to the law was an attempt to improve the system for hearing claims against individuals.”

There’s a big difference between personal injury and wrongful death,” he told RTE.”

It’s a different legal process and the Irish Court system is very complex.

“Mr Mott said the new legislation would also make it harder for the courts to hold individuals accountable for incidents they didn’t commit.”

This will make it very difficult for individuals to have any meaningful claim for damages against individuals,” he added.”

So if you have a business that’s involved in a collision, you’re likely to have to go to court to try and find out what happened, and that’s very expensive and it’s also going to be expensive for the businesses.

“Mr Gildersleeve has been in a wheelchair since he was a child.

He said he had suffered from severe back and leg pain and the impact of the collision with the car.

He described the collision as a “catastrophic event” and said he wanted the damages to be paid.”

I just want the money paid, and I want to be able to move on and get on with my life,” he explained.”

And if it’s not, I want it paid.

“Mr Henson said she was disappointed the changes had been made to the legislation but that it was necessary to ensure that people who had been injured were able to sue.”

This is something that we’re working on for sure.””

And it’s certainly something we’ll be looking to continue to push.”

“This is something that we’re working on for sure.”


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