A lawyer who helped save a man from a car crash is suing a former law firm for wrongful death.

Johnathan Taylor, a licensed attorney who was working as a private investigator, says he was hired by a man named Scott and was paid $1,000 to investigate him after the man was hit by a truck.

The incident occurred at a gas station in the city of St. Paul.

The man’s car had broken down, and he was on the way home when it collided with another vehicle.

Scott, a 42-year-old man from St. Louis, had been involved in a car accident earlier in the day.

Taylor claims that he was called in to assist the man because Scott was on a collision with another car.

According to Taylor, Scott told him he was sorry he was involved in the crash.

Taylor was told he would be paid $250 per hour for the work.

Taylor says Scott didn’t provide any proof of Scott’s claim that he had a prior collision.

Taylor says he told Scott that he couldn’t do the work because he didn’t have a license.

Taylor is suing St. Marys and St. Anthony Law, as well as the law firm that hired him.

He says that he could not obtain a subpoena from St Paul police because Scott wasn’t legally authorized to do the job.

Taylor claims Scott didn, in fact, have a previous collision and is claiming $1 million in damages for the accident.

St. Mary’s and St Anthony Law say that they will contest Taylor’s claims.

In an interview with the Pioneer Press, Taylor said he was asked to investigate Scott after the accident and found Scott’s license plate was different from the car he was driving.

The car in question had been towed, but Taylor says it didn’t take long for police to arrive.

Taylor’s attorney, Mark Pincus, says Taylor didn’t want to press charges against Scott because he wasn’t going to do a job for free.

Taylor also claims he was not allowed to look at Scott’s vehicle because the accident was so serious.

He alleges that Scott did not provide any evidence that Scott had a previous accident.

Taylor said he went to the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office to obtain a police report that Scott didn�t have a valid license plate.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigated the incident, and Taylor says that the police report said Scott had been driving erratically and had a license plate from another vehicle when the accident happened.

Pincus says that police found that Scott was legally authorized.

He also says that Taylor was not.

He says that there is no record of Scott having a previous crash.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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