The NHLPA has argued the NHLPA should be able to negotiate with players.

However, the NHL and NHLPA disagree.

Is this really a conflict of interest?

The NHL’s lawyer, David Falk, argues the league is merely using its bargaining power to enforce the terms of the collective bargaining agreement with the players.

“The players’ agreement was drafted in response to the financial collapse of the 1990s, and in doing so, it sought to provide the best possible deal for the players,” Falk said in a statement.

“The players have consistently expressed a desire to have an equitable playing field in which players can earn the same salaries, benefits, and living standards as everyone else.”

Falk, a lawyer who also represents NHL player Chris Pronger, said the players have a right to negotiate, but that the league’s negotiating position was to ensure a fair and equitable playing area for the entire league.

“The union has always made it clear that the collective bargaining agreement does not grant the NHL any special rights,” Falk wrote in his filing.

“In fact, it explicitly requires the union to seek fair and reasonable bargaining conditions, including, but not limited to, reasonable and equitable terms for the distribution of the league revenue.”

Falk added that “the NHLPA’s position is that it has no interest in enforcing the terms or policies of the players’ collective bargaining agreements.

The NHL is solely and exclusively acting as a mediator in the dispute between the union and the players.”

The NHLPA is the union representing the players and the owners.

Its representatives are paid a salary, which is $1 million, and can negotiate for lower salaries.

However they are also allowed to negotiate for higher salaries, which means the NHL could theoretically end up with a higher-paid player.

The league has argued that the players are not entitled to negotiate the salary for themselves.

The NHL’s lawyers have argued the players should be paid for the time they spend playing, which they do for the vast majority of games.

They argue the league could not have a better playing field for its players, since it is required to provide an “economic benefit” to players.

The NFL has argued it has the same bargaining power and should negotiate better terms.

However the NFLPA has also argued that it should be the arbiter in the NHL dispute.

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