Jonathan Marshall has sued the government over the way estate planning law is being developed, claiming the UK government is effectively preventing him from doing his job.

Marshall’s claim was filed on Tuesday in the High Court in London.

The case centres around the so-called ‘estate planning laws’ Bill for Estate Planning (Hepburn) which has been proposed by the Conservative government.

The government has been trying to get rid of the laws for a number of years, arguing that they have been hampering the development of the UK’s rich and vibrant estates.

“The estate planning provisions are being interpreted in a way that hinders and inhibits the development and production of the estates and it is a policy choice which has made it difficult for individuals and companies to realise their estates’ potential,” said Marshall, the chief estate planner for the National Estate and Property Planning Authority.

The Hepburn plan proposes to replace the estate planning regulations with a new set of rules, which are designed to make it easier for companies and individuals to build estates.

The new rules would see the development phase of the estate process taken out of the hands of developers and instead allow for more community input into the development process.

The plan would also create a new regulator, the Estate Planning Authority, that would be given greater powers to enforce the new rules.

“We are very concerned that the new regulatory framework will result in an unfair disadvantage for developers and that the changes could impact on the rights of individuals to develop and possess estates,” Marshall said in a statement.

Marshman, who is also a lawyer, said he was unable to work as a member of the Estate planning team because he did not want to do his job because of the way he was being treated.

“I am currently working as a legal adviser to an estate planning firm which is required to conduct a review of the legislation,” he said.

“While we have a contract with the firm, I have not been able to work with them because of my employment.

This is a result of the regulations being drafted and introduced by the government without any consultation.”

The government plans to pass Hepbow’s plans in parliament this month.

The plans would replace the current rules, and would allow companies to apply for permission to build properties.

The UK has been struggling with a housing crisis since the financial crisis, and is currently on track to record its highest house price ever.

According to the latest data from real estate website Zoopla, house prices in the UK are now $3.6 billion higher than they were in June 2018.

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