Tony Clemente, US attorney for the Northern District of Texas (NDFT) 2.

Richard C. Bittel, US District Court Judge for the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) 3.

Robert H. Mueller III, US Attorney for the Southern District of California (SCC) 4.

Michael R. Avenatti, US Attorneys for the Western District of Virginia (WAVA) 5.

Stephen R. Vladeck, US Department of Justice (DOJ) 6.

David M. Cohen, US Justice Department (DO) 7.

Steven J. Miller, US Deputy Attorney General (DOJS) 8.

Peter J. Garcia, US Assistant Attorney General for National Security (AAS) 9.

Michael Dreeben, US National Security Division Legal Counsel (NSCLOC) 10.

Jeffrey H. Berman, US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 11.

James A. Capra, US Senator (S) 12.

Michael J. Shapiro, US Ambassador to Israel (AIP) 13.

Steven A. Wilkerson, US Secretary of the Treasury (T) 14.

John D. Ashcroft, US President (A) 15.

James E. Carville, Jr., US President, Jr. (JE) 16.

John E. Roby, US Vice President (R) 17.

Richard J. Rumsfeld, US Defense Secretary (RWS) 18.

James R. Clapper, US Director of National Intelligence (DNI) 19.

Thomas E. Ricks, US Senate Intelligence Committee (CIC) 20.

Richard H. Rhodes, US Treasury Secretary (HS) 21.

William R. Rhodes III, Jr, US US Ambassador (AO) 22.

Janet Reno, US first lady (A), US Secretary (S), US Attorney General and US Secretary and US President 24.

John Ashcroft III, Vice President, US Presidential nominee (AJ) 25.

Ronald L. Brown, US Chief Justice (B), US Supreme Court nominee (JL) 26.

Richard B. Cheney, US vice president (R), US vice presidential nominee (JR) 27.

John R. Lehman, US Supreme Judicial Court nominee and US Supreme Law Judge (LH) 28.

William F. Buckley, US conservative author (B) 29.

Thomas S. Cooley, US Civil Rights Commissioner (C) 30.

Ronald Reagan, US Republican presidential candidate (RW) 31.

James Baker, US ambassador to Argentina (A); US ambassador in Argentina (I) 32.

Ronald W. Brown III, former US secretary of state (S); US Secretary-General (G) 33.

Nancy Reagan, first lady and US First Lady (N) 34.

Ronald P. Lauder, US billionaire philanthropist and founder of Estée Lauder Companies (L) 35.

Donald J. Trump, US president and US Republican nominee for president (M) 36.

Henry Kissinger, US secretary-general (H) 37.

David H. Petraeus, US general and former US vice commander in chief (A; A; A) 38.

Robert J. Bork, US judge and US appellate court judge (B; B) 39.

Daniel K. Inouye, US senator and US president (K) 40.

James B. Baker, former secretary of defense (A/C) 41.

William H. Taft, former president and former United States secretary of treasury (H; H; H) 42.

John F. Kennedy, US presidential nominee and president (F) 43.

James N. Garfield, US former president (N; N) 44.

John Foster Dulles, US director of Central Intelligence (A)/CIA (C); US director and US director (A)(B) 45.

Harry S. Truman, US 44th president and 44th US president(D) 46.

William J. Tafts, US 42nd president and 43rd US president(-D) 47.

Henry Wallace Backs, US 49th president (B)/President of the United States (A)-(E) 48.

Henry L. Stimson, US 52nd president (D) 49.

Gerald Ford, US 47th president(A)/Ford (D); US president/Ford (A)[N=50] 50.

Dwight Eisenhower, US 46th president, US 39th president(-E)

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